StackStudio: Control, Provision, Monitor

Let StackStudio guide you through your next cloud project. Use it to automate tasks, define governance policies and even perform post-release monitoring. StackStudio is a powerful closed-loop platform for creating and controlling applications for hybrid cloud environments.

StackStudio provides a hybrid cloud management console to control both public and private clouds via an easy-to-use console:

StackStudio Monitors

IaaS & PaaS Automation

StackStudio is a portal for developers, tester and operators to automate the most common activities for IaaS and PaaS, including:

  • Role based, secure UI for managing clouds and individual service requests
    • One-click auto-recover for instances!
    • Pre-define auto-scaling policies
    • Schedule backups/snapshot for instances and databases
    • Specify disaster recovery configurations
  • Use OpenStack Services including:
    • Compute Service
    • Object Storage
    • Block Storage
    • Network Services
    • Identity and Access Management Service
  • Use TopStack Services including:
    • Relational Database Service
    • Elastic Cache Service
    • Scalable Load Balancing
    • Elastic Apps (Beanstalk functionality)
  • Configure and manage Amazon Services including:
    • EC2
    • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    • Auto Scaling
    • Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
    • Simple Storage Service (S3)
    • Elastic Load Balancing
    • CloudWatch
    • SimpleDB
    • Relational Data Service (RDS)
    • and more!

Provision Entire Topologies

Once an application has been designed, approved users can provision the entire topology via CloudFormation to a new environment. This expedites the DevOps release cycle by enabling single-click re-creation of environments for testing, staging, production and disaster recovery environments. Our studio enables users to easily configure environments including the ability to add Chef  recipes or Puppet modules.

  • Specify run-time parameters to custom launch your stacks (e.g., change regions, id’s, platform versions, etc.)
  • “Tag” environments so that downstream users (testers, release engineers, etc.) can self-service provision the entire stack
  • Specify the provisioning order with wait-conditions for resources with dependency chains

Architect & Orchestrate

StackStudio enables architects & designers to quickly create multi-tiered applications:.

  • Create full application topologies that are ready-to-run as AWS CloudFormation Templates
  • Easily add custom software packages with Puppet or Chef
  • Use multi-region images to ensure a globally consistent environment
  • Leverage existing solutions by importing templates from StackPlace
  • Share your architecture publicly or only with internal team members


Restricting Access

Controlling resource usage in the cloud is essential. Control permissions with the Identity Access Manager power wizard:

For scenarios that need fine grained policy specification, we allow policies to be create at the Service Operation level:

  • Use role-based permissions to create users and user groupings
  • Assign access to role on a per-resource basis
  • Organize access by environment (dev/test/stage/prod)

Audit Controls

Maintaining a log of activities that have happened in your cloud environment is essential. StackStudio tracks all of the changes that were made to cloud resources, logging who made the change and when it occurred.

  • Trace-ability of changes across the cloud environment
  • Reports on user activity or resource activity

Monitor Operational Stacks

After the systems have been deployed, operations personnel can view the health of each element in the topology. All of the CloudWatch monitors for your application are available in a single view.

  • Work from a single graphical view of the entire application topology
  • Drill into instances & services to view their health and activity levels
  • Drill into clusters (e.g, show statistics on machine 4 of ElastiCache cluster)
  • View graphs for over 70 cloud metrics

In addition to the 70+ predefined metrics, users can specify application specific metrics. Any of the pre-defined or custom metrics can be be analyzed across time dimensions (last hour, last day, etc.) to forecast potential issues.

Events & Alarms

Every cloud environment has a constant flow of events and alarms being fired. StackStudio displays the events and alarm triggers in real-time to give you visibility into provisioning, de-provisioning, configuration changes and unexpected results.

  • Real time display of resources as they change state
  • Ability to identify thresholds that when exceeded will fire off alarms
  • Use alarms to send emails or SMS messages for timely remediation

A Better Approach

Transcend StackStudio provides direct access to the native services provided by a cloud platform. In addition, it also allows you to control TopStack services running on top of any of the major cloud platforms. This combination gives you fine-grained control over low-level IaaS services as well as cloud portability.

Public Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of enterprise, government and startup customers businesses in 190 countries around the world.


Google Compute offers an amazingly powerful public cloud offering. Leveraging their vast knowledge in data centers, massively scalable computing and high-speed networking, Google is able to offer customers the most advanced cloud computing capabilities at a competitive price.


Private Cloud Platforms

OpenStack is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. The project aims to deliver solutions for all types of clouds by being simple to implement, massively scalable, and feature rich. The technology consists of a series of interrelated projects delivering various components for a cloud infrastructure solution.


OpenStack is an open source project that several vendors have embraced and now offer commercial distributions. Our solution is certified to work with the “open source trunk” for multiple releases of OpenStack. As vendors release their offering, we will be updating our solution to work with those offered from Dell, HP, IBM, RackSpace, Oracle, AT&T, Red Hat, Canonical, Piston, Cisco, Nebula, and others!